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What CBD Products Are THC-Free?

What CBD Products Are THC-Free?

Can't take THC but you want all those wellness benefits that cannabis has to offer? We'll tackle your biggest questions about THC-free CBD products.

What if you can't take THC but you want all those wellness benefits that cannabis has to offer? Well, then say goodbye to the THC! It's really OK to use cannabis and CBD products without the psychogenic effects of THC. It doesn't make you a wimp. It doesn't mean you're a lightweight. So, ditch all those preconceived notions and just think about your health.

Because that's what matters — your health and well-being, and getting you the best CBD products that work well for you. Today, we're talking about the THC-free kind, because you don't have to have the THC if you don't want it. You'll still get the benefits of CBD. We'll tackle your biggest questions about THC-free CBD products and where you can find ones you'll love.

THC-Free Is a Thing

Don’t believe the naysayers who try to tell you that broad spectrum CBD isn’t as good as full spectrum CBD with THC. In truth, neither is superior to the other, but you might find that you need to take a higher concentration of broad spectrum CBD to get the same benefits.

Broad spectrum CBD oils are CBD products that have been formulated to be THC-free. Before the buzz about legal hemp-derived THC and its various “deltas,” there were broad spectrum CBD oils, products that have stood the test of time as reliable, useful, and fairly well-tolerated. Broad spectrum is where a lot of people start with CBD to find calm, balance, and improved overall wellness.

There are exceptional high-strength CBD products to choose from now that are THC-free*, including cbdMD’s broad spectrum CBD oil tinctures and broad spectrum CBD gummies. This is great news for people who really don't tolerate THC well, who can't use it because of their jobs, or who simply aren’t comfortable taking THC in some CBD products.

THC-free CBD oil products are the best CBD products for some people, though you may not know if they are right for you. Let's explore THC-free CBD oils, what they do, and whether or not you may want to use these types of CBD formulas.

What Is THC-Free CBD Oil?

Let's take a look at how THC-free CBD is made so you can see the differences between THC-free CBD oil products and those that are labeled CBD isolate. Because these are two different things, both without THC, you may get them confused.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is made by isolating only the CBD molecules in the lab and then creating oils using these CBD molecules, plus a carrier oil, often MCT oil. CBD isolate is the only way to ensure that the only cannabis component you are taking is pure CBD with no other cannabis molecules. However, it’s costly and laborious to produce, leading to much higher price points, and with arguably less wellness benefits.

CBD is the most widely studied cannabinoid, and presumably the most beneficial for our overall health, but there’s growing evidence that isolating CBD can’t give you the well-balanced and more versatile benefits of using pure CBD along with other cannabinoids and parts of the hemp plants.

Because we believe in a more whole-plant wellness from cannabis, we opt here at cbdMD to make broad spectrum CBD oil products, full spectrum, and Delta 9 THC products – but at this time do not offer a CBD isolate product.

CBD – Broad Spectrum

There may be some benefit to the level of scrutiny in forming CBD isolate products if you must be 100 percent THC-free, but most people benefit from a larger hemp plant profile — one that includes CBD molecules as well as other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Even if there may be trace amounts of THC, cbdMD’s testing ensures that it’s below the level that can be detected using standard instruments.

Combining more parts of the plant means that you get a more well-rounded wellness experience from your products. Why do we know this? Because cannabis molecules work better together and actually amplify each other's benefits, a concept known as the entourage effect.

The Entourage Effect and Broad Spectrum

There is some debate over the entourage effect, if we're being completely honest. There are some whole-plant purists out there who insist that it only works if the THC is part of the package.

Here at cbdMD, with our team of cannabis experts both in and out of the lab, we believe that the entourage effect takes place when you use a variety of cannabis compounds – whether or not the THC is one of them. But you might need to take more broad spectrum CBD to get the same benefits, which is why we’ve created CBD oils and gummies with as much as 250 mg of CBD per serving – which, in terms of price per milligram, are actually a better deal than lower-concentration products.

So, while you may opt for a broad-spectrum product, we'd not rule out some entourage effect for you. What this means is that your CBD molecules, and all the other molecules we’ve extracted from cannabis, are all working in tandem to give you a better CBD experience.

What Might CBD Oils Contain Other Than CBD?

In our broad spectrum CBD formula, where cannabidiol (CBD) is the star of the show — we do include other parts of the cannabis plant, while excluding the THC compounds.

This CBD blend also contains terpenes, which are carbon-based compounds produced by plants. Terpenes are most well-known for being from conifers like pine trees (that fresh piney scent comes from these molecules) but they are also abundant in cannabis. Terpene molecules are classified by the location of the carbon bonds, a chemical structure that gives a unique scent and flavor profile to different strains of cannabis. We use, of course, terpenes extracted from the same high-quality cannabis (hemp plants) from where we get our CBD.

You'll also see that broad spectrum CBD products contain something called flavonoids. Flavonoids are also compounds that come from hemp and they have a variety of wellness benefits, which makes them quite valuable in a broad spectrum CBD product formula.

Most importantly, you'll see other cannabinoid compounds including CBN (cannabinol) and CBG (cannabigerol), which bring wellness benefits, contribute to the entourage effect, and give you that well-rounded cannabis experience you're after — without the THC.

Using all of these compounds together — cannabidiol (CBD) + terpenes + flavonoids + other cannabinoids like CBN and CBG — gives you a broad spectrum formula that’s versatile with lots of benefits.That’s why this Superior Broad Spectrum formula is the cornerstone of all our THC-free CBD oil products.

Benefits of THC-Free CBD Oil

You might be surprised that THC-free CBD products offer you the same variety of benefits as those with THC in the formulation. The biggest difference is that without THC, the relaxation you feel is slightly less, but you still get plenty of CBD support for calm, improved sleep, and overall wellness. You still get support for post-workout recovery. You still get the entourage effect. And you still can feel better and have an improved mood with a CBD lifestyle.

As previously mentioned, though, if you’re switching to THC-free CBD from a full spectrum product, you might need to take a little more to get similar benefits. Start out with a regular serving every morning and evening and see how you feel; you can gradually increase the amount as needed.

Is THC-Free CBD Oil Right for Me?

This one is easier to answer than you may think. Ask yourself a few questions:

Am I often low-energy and sleepy? Then, maybe I don't want the added relaxation of THC and going with a broad spectrum option is best for me.

Do I have negative reactions to THC? Feel out of sorts or overly "testy" when I use any form of cannabis with THC? Then going THC-free may eliminate that worry.

Am I worried about drug testing? Always check with your employer (etc.) to be sure you are allowed to take any type of CBD products, but drug tests normally are designed to look for THC and not any other cannabinoid.

To make sure levels of THC are non-detectible or preferably non-existent in a broad spectrum formula, rigorous in-house lab testing and testing by third-party ISO-certified labs is performed on every batch. (At least, that's how cbdMD does it to ensure our broad spectrum is, in fact, THC-free).

You can take a look at the certificate of analysis, or COA, of a product to see exactly what's in the formula. At cbdMD, we post these right on our website so people know exactly what they're getting in their CBD oils.

Who May Use THC-Free CBD?

Broad spectrum CBD oil products are legal in all 50 states as long as it is manufactured from hemp and not marijuana.

  • Users must still be over the age of 18 since THC-free CBD still comes from cannabis
  • Ask your doctor if CBD products (and what types) are right for you, especially if you have health concerns, or are pregnant or lactating/breastfeeding. Sometimes, based on your health, your doctor may recommend going THC-free.
  • Folks from a broad range of lifestyles may use a broad spectrum CBD — health-conscious wellness seekers, gym-goers and athletes, seniors, college students, young moms and dads, and even your pets! 

The Best THC-Free CBD Products

If you want to try CBD oils without THC in them, there are broad spectrum CBD oil tinctures in a variety of strengths, determined by how many milligrams of CBD per serving there is in the formula.


  • 1500 strength contains 50 mg of CBD per serving
  • 3000 strength contains 100 mg of CBD per serving
  • 6000 strength contains 200 mg of CBD per serving
  • 7500 strength contains 250 mg of CBD per serving

Broad spectrum cbd oil 200 mg per serving berry with a dropper full of cbd oil on top of it - cbdMD


Our broad spectrum CBD gummies come in strengths of 1500 mg, 3000 mg, and 6000 mg per bottle with the same per-serving concentrations. However, note that the 200 mg serving is two gummies, so there are 60 gummies per 6000 mg bottle instead of 30.

If you prefer to take a capsule, then there's broad spectrum CBD capsules available at a strength of 3000 mg with 100 mg of CBD per capsule. There's also a selection of CBD drink mixes to add some flavor and versatility to your CBD regimen. If it’s better sleep you need, there is also a CBD sleep aid with broad spectrum + melatonin to help you fall asleep and sleep more soundly.

Using THC-Free CBD

Use your THC-free CBD products as you would any other CBD product. cbdMD offers not only the best THC-free CBD products on the market, but we also offer comprehensive guides as to how you can get started on a CBD journey, how to create your own CBD regimen that works for you, and how you can use different CBD products together for a tailor-made routine that gets you the CBD benefits you most need to feel your best.

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