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Why Delta 8 Gummies Have Strong Effects

Why Delta 8 Gummies Have Strong Effects

Those who have heard of and used CBD gummies will no doubt be aware of delta 8. It’s another cannabinoid that’s similar in some ways to CBD itself. In fact, the delta 8 products you see on the market are typically derived from CBD extracted from industrial hemp.

However, the two compounds also have a number of differences. In particular, CBD and delta 8 have quite different effects on the body. Users of both are quick to point out that D8 is much stronger, providing effects that are more noticeable compared to CBD’s subtlety.

This article will dive into more depth regarding the effects of delta 8 gummies to explain why they’re much stronger; it will also let you know how to take D8.

Benefits of Using Delta 8 Gummies

Like CBD, delta 8 interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This interaction is what leads to the wellness-promoting effects of CBD. Delta 8 can have some very similar effects to CBD, but its potency means that you’re likely to feel other things, too.


Everybody’s ECS is unique, so it’s challenging to say precisely how D8 will affect you. As a matter of fact, everybody can react differently to delta 8 based on a variety of factors. Age, sex, weight, diet, pre-existing conditions, fitness level, and more can all affect how your body responds to delta 8.

You can get a reasonably good idea of delta 8’s effects by reading up on the experiences of others. But even these first-hand accounts do not guarantee what effects or benefits you will experience.

This is partly why it’s so vital to use D8 responsibly, gradually determining your unique response.

How to Use Delta 8 Gummies Responsibly

The first step to using D8 responsibly is to find a reputable brand. Here at PureKana, we do our utmost to ensure that every batch is of the highest quality, including batch testing at third-party labs. The lab reports are available for viewing before purchase, proving the reputability of our items.

When you receive your delta 8 gummies, there are a few more precautions to take. We recommend taking just ¼ of a gummy at first – or at most one half. After all, delta 8’s effects are a lot stronger than CBD’s, so it’s essential to start low and go slow.

Remember that gummies do not take effect immediately, so don’t take more just because you haven’t experienced rapid effects (more on this in the next section).

Finally, do NOT use delta 8 gummies if you are pregnant or nursing. Also, it’s best to consult a physician before use if you have a pre-existing condition. Furthermore, do not operate any heavy machinery while using delta 8.

Here at PureKana, you must be 21+ to purchase delta 8 products; this is for the safety of our customers. Please adhere to the above guidance, and feel free to contact us for more information on using delta 8 safely.

How Long Does It Take for Delta 8 Gummies to Work?

Delta 8 gummies, like other edibles, can take a while to kick in. Before the D8 becomes usable by the body, the gummy must be broken down in the digestive system.


The exact time can vary depending on your metabolism and other factors like your diet and when you last ate. However, users can expect to wait up to 2 hours before feeling the effects of delta 8 gummies.

For this reason, it’s vital not to consume more D8 just because you didn’t experience immediate effects. Doing so runs the risk of an extremely potent reaction that can be overwhelming.

Summary: Delta 8 Gummies and Their Strength

If you took CBD gummies one day and delta 8 gummies the next, you would immediately tell the difference. CBD gummies are working behind the scenes, providing subtle effects that you have to try very hard to notice. D8 gummies, on the other hand, provide very obvious and potent effects.

Do not be fooled into thinking that you can take the same dosage of each cannabinoid! The PureKana D8 gummies contain 25mg of delta 8 per candy, but we recommend taking ¼ or ½ at a time to avoid an overwhelming reaction.

When using delta 8 for the first time, take it very slowly while you gauge your reaction to this compound. Always use D8 responsibly and ensure you stick to the guidance; the effects will be strong, but far from overwhelming.

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