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TRE House | Delta 8 + HHC + THC-P Gummies 700MG Tropic Mango Flavor

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  • 20mg Delta-8 per serving
  • 10mg HHC per serving
  • 3mg full-spectrum CBD per serving 
  • 2mg THC-P per serving
  • Tastes like delicious tropical mangos
  • Can get you super baked 
  • 1 gummy per serving
  • 20 gummies per bottle
  • Warning: May cause psychotropic effect

Delta 8 Gummies with HHC & THC-P 2:1 offer 20mg of Delta-8 and 10mg of HHC per serving. With a 2:1 ratio of Delta-8 to HHC and additional 3mg of full-spectrum CBD and 2mg of THC-P, these gummies provide psychotropic effects in a delicious mango flavor. Each bottle contains 20 gummies, with each serving containing 1 gummy. May cause psychotropic effect.

If you love getting wasted and chomping down on delicious gummies, you’re going to flip out over our Tropic Mango Gummies. These tasty little devils are packed with 20mg of Delta-8, 10mg of HHC, 2mg THC-P, and 3mg of CBD per gummy. This inventive combination of cannabinoids provides you with a perfectly balanced head and body experience that is intensely relaxing and mildly trippy. What more could you ask for? Now grab your gummies and let’s get lifted!


  • Relaxation
  • Mood Elevation
  • Body Buzz
  • Head Buzz
  • Mildly Trippy

Directions for Best Results:

Gummies are quite possibly the easiest way to get lit. If you’ve ever eaten anything, this is going to be a breeze. Simply decide on the appropriate serving size, remove the gummy from the package, and chow down! Our gummies are super strong, so we highly recommend starting with just a half gummy then waiting 30-45 minutes to see how you feel. You can always eat more if you want to reach for the moon!

Remember! Our Delta 8 gummies are no joke and will get you seriously lit. We highly recommend that you start with just one gummy then wait 30-45 minutes to see how you feel. You can always keep eating gummies if you want to get ripped, but we don’t want you to feel overwhelmed or anxious, so start with a small serving, then work your way up if necessary.

Perfect for you if:

You’re a big fan of THC, but want to mix things up a bit. Our gummies offer a convenient, discreet way for you to get nice and baked!

Warning: May cause psychotropic effect. Not intended for use by those under the age of 21.

Do not drive or operate any heavy machinery when using any TRĒ House product!

THC affects everyone in a different way so it is essential that you consult your primary physician before using any TRĒ House product.

  • Do not use this product unless recommended by your doctor
  • Do not use more of this product than recommended by your doctor
  • Do not use this product if you are pregnant, nursing, or under 21 years of age
  • Do not use this product if you have any diagnosed or undiagnosed health conditions

We all love that dank delta 9 THC, but delta 8 has its place on the Mount Rushmore of mind-melting cannabinoids, too. While delta 8’s effects are more subtle than the effects of delta 9, they do produce more of a body buzz than their THC sibling. Our Mango Delta 8 Gummies deliver that buzz in spades, with a massive 25mg dose of delta 8 THC per one-gummy serving. So, grab a chew and chill out with one of these triptastic gummies!

Product Data

MG Per Container

700MG Delta 8+HHC+THC-P
Price Per Serving $1.50
MG Per Serving 35MG Delta 8, HHC+ THC-P
Serving Size 1 Gummy
Count Per Bottle 20 Gummies

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