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TRĒ House | Pink Lemonade Microdose Magic Mushroom Vape Pen

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  • 2g of magic mushroom vape juice per pen
  • Proprietary mushroom blend
  • Perfect for microdosing
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Tastes like a chilled glass of summertime pink lemonade
  • Approximately 800 puffs per pen
  • Warning: May cause psychotropic effects

Sugary-sweet and lip-puckering lemony, our Pink Lemonade Microdose Magic Mushroom Vape brings a wave of delicious, tongue-smothering flavors and psychoactive effects, perfect for microdosing! This disposable vape comes pre-filled and precharged, so the party starts the moment you unwrap the pen! 

Pink Lemonade Microdose Mushroom Vape

Pink lemonade—the sweet, lemony drink that chills the body, relaxes the mind, and refreshes your summer days. Our mad scientists used these descriptors as the blueprint to formulate this Pink Lemonade Magic Mushroom Vape Pen, creating a mouth-watering, summertime flavor, perfect for microdosing! 

This disposable vape pen utilizes a unique, proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients, like adaptogens, nootropics, and a pre-blend of tryptamines, to give you all the funkied feels of our magic mushroom products in a cloud of pink-lemonade-flavored euphoria.


  • Head Buzz
  • Euphoria
  • Cerebral Effects
  • Mind-Melting Fun
  • Perfect for Microdosing

THC Vapes vs. Mushroom Vapes

For all the fans of our THC vape pens and THC vape cartridges, get ready to upgrade your stash of dank delectables! Our mushroom vape pens aren’t designed to replace your go-to THC vapes. Rather, we’ve concocted these beauties to give you a little variety in your daily vaping activities. We want our mushroom vapes to fill out your collection, letting you enjoy a different shade of euphoria!

In terms of effects, how do mushroom vapes compare to THC vapes? Well, those who’ve tried traditional THC vapes in the past might agree that THC can deliver a solid head and body buzz, a perfect blend of euphoria and chill. Our magic mushrooms lean heavily into the head buzz side of things, with electrified stimulation for the ol’ brain box.

Like other vape products, our Magic Mushroom Pink Lemonade Pen provides fast-acting effects. You’ll start to feel the mushroom magic in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. But that’s just what a few of our users have reported. Much like with THC vapes, what you feel may be different from others. So, go into this mushroom-based experience with an open mind and prepare to see the stars up close!

Directions for Best Results:

For your first time using a magic mushroom vape, approach it like a THC vape pen or cartridge. Never used a THC vape? We’ve got you covered!

Like our THC vapes, our mushroom vapes come prefilled and precharged. So, you don’t have to worry about filling pods or charging the pen before your vape sesh. We’ve designed these pens to be compact and portable, so you can stash them in your pocket or purse. For your first time, prepare your set and setting. We recommend users plop on the couch and turn on a nature documentary. Or, better yet, take a leisurely stroll through a scenic nature scene, like the beach, a forest, or a mountainside hike. 

Once you’re ready, free the vape pen from the box and take a little puff off the mouthpiece. Keep the first puff small to get a sense of what this mushroom mambo feels like. Then, after you’ve got a sense of what these effects feel like, feel free to take stronger puffs. Now, it’s time to take that dive down the rabbit hole!

Perfect for You If:

If you want to enjoy fast-acting effects, our Pink Lemonade Vape is just what you need! This vape pen’s fun-loving effects can generally last 30 minutes to two hours. So, you don’t have to spend all day on Cloud Nine. You can take some puffs, explore the Universe, and float out of the rabbit hole, back to your couch in no time. 

Now, if you want longer-lasting effects, say no more! Check out our Magic Mushroom Gummies and Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars!

Warning: This mushroom vape pen may cause psychotropic effects. This product is not intended for use by those under the age of 21. Do not drive or operate any heavy machinery when using any TRĒ House products!

The ingredients in this product affect everyone in different ways, so it is essential that you consult your primary physician before using any TRĒ House products.

  • Do not use this product unless recommended by your doctor
  • Do not use more of this product than recommended by your doctor
  • Do not use this product if you are pregnant, nursing, or under 21 years of age
  • Do not use this product if you have any diagnosed or undiagnosed health conditions

Product Data

MG Per Container

2 Grams
Price Per Serving
MG Per Serving 2 Grams
Puffs per pen 800 Puffs
Servings Per Pen 2G Per Pen

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