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CBN Pills or CBN Gummies: Which One Should You Choose?

CBN Pills or CBN Gummies: Which One Should You Choose?

As we discover more about the cannabis plant, some secondary cannabinoids are becoming popular. Almost everyone has heard of CBD, but its cousin, CBN, is now being used more and more.

Cannabinol (CBN) is one of the cannabinoids that’s gaining popularity. It has a slightly more prominent effect than CBD, but is not as potent as THC. It’s common to see it featuring in natural sleep aid products due to its potentially sedative effects.

If you want to try CBN and wonder whether pills or gummies are better, check out our guide below.

Why the Sudden Influx of CBN Products?

There are now numerous CBN products available on the market, including pills, gummies, and other options. They have become really popular among consumers, but why?


Although much more research needs to be undertaken into CBN, there is a small body of evidence pointing to some potential benefits. For the most part, these studies are either old or performed on animal models.

Nevertheless, a growing number of people use CBN products in their day to day lives.


Primarily, people use CBN in sleep products. You will often see it alongside CBD, melatonin, and herbal ingredients like chamomile.

Everybody reacts to CBN (and other cannabinoids) differently, so it’s impossible to say how a specific individual will react.

To get the most out of CBN products, it’s best to use a combination of ingredients where the effects are more well-established.

CBN Pills Effects

When comparing pills and gummies, the effects are quite similar. They both go through the digestive system when consumed, which means the effects might take a little time to kick in (up to an hour).

Users can take one pill about an hour before bed so they can wind down with ease.

The main advantage of capsules is that they are tasteless. If you want a fuss-free, straightforward way to take CBN, then capsules are the best option.

CBN Gummies Effects

While CBN gummies are similar to capsules, they are not exactly the same. For one, they taste delicious. It’s important to stick to the dosage guidelines on the packaging and not take more – even though they taste great.

The general effects are the same. Many users report feeling very relaxed and sleepy, which is why CBN features so often in nighttime products.

The strength of the effects depends on how much CBN you use, alongside a plethora of other factors such as your body size and metabolism. Again, it’s crucial to understand that everybody reacts to CBN differently.


When deciding between capsules and gummies, one of the most important factors is how to use them. It’s vital to select a product that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle, choosing an item you know you will use frequently.


Here’s how to use both of them.

How to Take CBN Capsules

CBN pills have an air of familiarity about them. Like other pills, all you need to do is swallow one capsule with water. Do so about an hour before bedtime for optimal results.

The process is incredibly straightforward, which is what many people love about capsules. Plus, you can carry them on the go – perfect for keen travelers.

How to Take CBN Gummies

Much like regular candy, users take CBN gummies by popping one into their mouth, chewing, and swallowing. Eating them is a fantastic experience because they taste so good.

Manufacturers produce CBN gummies in various flavors, with fruity options proving the most popular. It’s most common to find them in mixed berry flavor, in keeping with a variety of other natural sleep aid supplements.

Similar to capsules, you can carry them on the go with ease. However, there is some risk of them melting in high temperatures.


Although we still have much to learn about CBN’s effects in humans, it’s a promising cannabinoid with several potential benefits. Most often, people use it in the same way they use CBD – as a general-purpose supplement to support an otherwise healthy and active lifestyle.

It’s important to be realistic about the effects of CBN and know that it may affect everyone differently. Notably, the benefits do not differ much between the two product types; gummies and pills.

CBN Pills Benefits

CBN has demonstrated some pain-relieving potential and could also help calm the body and mind.

In this way, CBN could have similar effects to CBD. Most CBD pills you encounter contain a combination of the two cannabinoids. CBD + CBN pills could be ideal for carrying on the go in case you need a top-up.

Benefits of CBN Gummies

Most often, CBN gummies are targeted at the sleep market. They come in relaxing flavors, complete with melatonin and other sleep aids. Taking a gummy at night is something lots of users can look forward to, ensuring you won’t forget your pre-bed snack.

Bottom Line

CBN is an exciting area of research for scientists interested in cannabinoids. It could hold a host of potential benefits, not least the promotion of sleep. However, we must wait patiently to learn more about the cannabinoid and its beneficial effects.

For now, users can try CBN products for themselves. Both CBN pills and CBN gummies are widely available in numerous strengths and flavors, often containing additional ingredients for extra effects.



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